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This is a friendly community for people to share graphics related to Samurai Champloo!

If you have questions or concerns, contact the Admin: arewar.

Community Rules

  • Use LJ-cuts for 4+ icons, large banners, or adult graphics.
  • No spam, unrelated posts, or flame wars.
  • If the icon creator requests credit, credit your icons. Members may be banned for icon theft.
  • Requests are fine, just don't spam the community with them.
  • This is a PG community. LJ-cut any graphics that may be considered adult, and do not use adult rated icons when posting to this community.
  • This is not the community to discuss the show. See _champloo.
  • This is not a comm to find icon help. See icon_tutorial, icon_extras, or the many others that exist.

Icon Contest Past Winners

#01: nyethebandgeek
#02: day_star
#03: cronoh
#04: arewar
#05: inshore
#06: mugen
#07: fido_the_dog
#08: stagnated


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